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Our Books

We aim to produce good quality, engaging, affordable books that inspire learning, awaken curiosity, and ensure inclusivity.

Our pride

We pride ourselves on the excellent quality, look, feel, and authenticity of our books, which stand out because of their bespoke and truly representative illustrations as opposed to more generic books. They are also educational, fun, and engaging. Inclusion and diversity are at the heart of everything we do. Our comic illustrator is Nigerian and based in Nigeria, and the illustrator of the folk tales is a white South African, based in South Africa. Both the editor and the graphic designer are from the UK. The folk tales font is dyslexia-friendly, and Ijapa’s Activity book is representative of ethnic minorities and children with disabilities. It has many different activities and will encourage children to discover more about the environment, Africa, some religions, culture, identity, kindness, respect, and equality.

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