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Hello and welcome to my inaugural blog about real people, places, and true stories from around the world. I am fascinated with culture, nature, and inspiring individuals who dare to step out from the crowd and be distinctively different.

This blog is for people like me who are curious, love learning about history, culture and people, and embracing new experiences. You might see lots of pictures of me doing different things, but I hope you will imagine yourself in each of these scenarios and places. Dreams can and do come true, but you have to physically do something to make them happen. It took me more than two decades to finally visit Australia in 2022, and I visited Ghana, which is just next door to Nigeria, for the first time earlier this year in August! Lots of things frighten me, but I have spent a lifetime teaching myself to live by faith, not be afraid, and try to do the right thing. I like to inspire and motivate people and hope that in some small way, you may be pleasantly informed, inspired, or encouraged by something that you read here.

In this edition:

· Ijapa Books new imprint!

· Hot off the press! My new chapter book, Tales of Ijapa the Tortoise, Fun With Ijapa Activity Book, and Ijapa’s Comic Book are out now. Order your copies here and receive a surprise gift!

· Interview with Kaycee, cartoonist, and illustrator

· Volunteering with Calais Light and Care4Calais

· Spotlight on Australia

· African proverb

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