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Ijapa the tortoise is full of mischief and always getting into trouble, although he’s also very lovable – most of the time! Join him and his animal friends on their adventures as they find out why elephants have small eyes and why tortoises are bald. Discover what happens when Ijapa decides to run a race with Hare. And who will get the last laugh when Ejo the snake tries to trick Ijapa? Each of these delightful African folk stories has a moral at the end, together with some fun activities for you to do.

Age: 7-9 Price: £8.99

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For children who like more graphic illustrations, meet Ijapa the lovable tortoise in this wonderful comic and activity book. Join him on his adventures to find out how he loses his hair and becomes bald! There are also puzzles for you to solve, pictures for you to colour in, and fascinating facts about Black history and culture for you to explore.

Age: 7-9 Price: £6.99

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This fun and engaging activity book is packed with activities about people, food, and places around the world! The bright and colourful puzzles will foster learning and curiosity about the environment while exploring and promoting social kindness, respect, equality, identity, diversity, and inclusion.

Suitable for PSHE, home learning, and mixed abilities, this book will make an ideal gift for children who love puzzles and are curious about the world around them.

Age: 5-9 Price: £9.99

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